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Account assignment at folder level in a requisition

It is possible that the account assignment is defined as a lump sum for all services of a folder (order item, title, subtitles) and thus inherited on the subordinate service lines. To do this, the destination folder must first be selected. The button for account assignment then becomes active. When creating requisitions, in the Items list tab, the button for account assignment is displayed in the button bar:


Open the account assignment window

A selection of the account assignment type can be made or changed in the "SAP Integration" area or optionally in the account assignment editor window for the order item. If an account assignment already exists, a subsequent change to the account assignment type overwrites the existing account assignment distribution of the items and it is thus deleted. It is possible to change the account assignment type until an purchase requisition has been created. From then on, a change is no longer possible.

By clicking on the button, a new account assignment object can be added. The account assignment object automatically receives the defined account assignment type of the parent position.

Creating a new account assignment object

The account assignment must be distributed as a percentage and be 100% in total. Only then will the account assignment be accepted and saved. The resulting values are displayed in the Sum column . Changes to the account assignment (add/delete account assignment object, change distribution or inherit) are possible until the requisition has been ordered or transferred to a request.


Account assignment at position level

Only lines with a total price can be considered for account assignment. Service lines with an unit price value of 0.00 are not included in the distribution of the percentage calculation. The same applies to service lines that are created as the following item types:

  1. requisition lines

  2. Alternate lines

  3. Notes


By clicking on, an assigned account assignment object can be deleted from the list. To do this, the line to be deleted must first be marked with a mouse click.

Delete account assignment

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