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Import suppliers from Excel

You can also import suppliers and their contact persons from Excel into FUTURA. Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Administration menu > All Suppliers.

  2. Click on the button

3. Select the appropriate Excel file and click on the import button.

4. The suppliers are then read in and displayed.



We are happy to provide you with a template for the supplier import. Please contact us!

Import suppliers from Excel

The following import conditions apply:

  1. The column headings must remain as in the template.

  2. there must be no blank lines.

  3. Formatting is not taken into account during import.

  4. Mandatory fields are Name, Name AP, E-Mail AP

  5. Currently, only one contact person can be imported per supplier.


Updating existing suppliers:

If the supplier already exists in the system (the supplier number is checked or, if not specified, the name), the supplier data is updated.

If an existing contact person (same e-mail address) is specified under the existing supplier, this will also be updated. If a new contact person is specified, another new contact person is created under the existing supplier.

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