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Release of version 5.0

Overview of all new functions and improvements for FUTURA Version 5.0 | September 2023


The Release Notes 5.0 concern the following transactions and functions: 

➔  Request for Quotation


➔ supplier management

➔ General functions

suppliers | Define the main contact person of a supplier company

In the new version 5.0 you can now define main contacts for both your existing and newly created supplier companies. These are then automatically pre-selected in all processes. The main contact person will be indicated with a star icon.  

Request | Active settings and options in the Quotation

All settings and options for creating quotations which are set by the buyer in the request are now displayed for the supplier upon the creation of its quotation. This enables more transparency in the preparation.

Help & Support | Light modification of the cockpit following the new Support Center

The cockpit (the FUTURA homepage) and the interface have been slightly modified due to our new online support center. Beside our newly embedded FUTURA logo, you will be redirected directly to the Support Center by clicking on "Support". The "Downloads" menu area can now be found under the main "Home" menu.


Request | Additional transfer of information when ordering a quotation

For orders that you trigger from a Request process and the selected quotation in FUTURA, the submission number, the quotation number and the quotation date are now also transferred to the SAP system.

Request | Transfer of predefined prices from the contract

If you use services from existing contracts as the basis for the items list of your Request, you can now optionally use the predefined contract prices as default prices. These are identified by the respective service numbers.

order | Submit documents for the order with the submission

Optionally for the maintenance of documents for an order, attachments can now also be included with the submission. This is saved in SAP together with the submission as an archive link document.

This function requires a corresponding adaptation on the part of FUTURA. Please do not hesitate to contact us if necessary.

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