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Request/Quotation settings

The following settings can be made for the Request/Quotation transaction:


Settings for the numeration of Requests

Option "Allow viewing of quotations before reaching the deadline"

The setting made here automatically applies to all Requests.

If the option is activated, the option "Open quotations before deadline" is displayed in the Request, tab "Header data".

There, the processor of the Request can then determine whether it is possible to open and view the quotations before reaching the deadline.


Option "Show binding period in the quotation"

Define whether the supplier can also specify a binding period for his quotation when submitting a quotation. If the option is set, the field "Binding period" is displayed in the quotation (date field).


Number range for Request

A number range can be defined for the "Request" transaction in the Administration > Settings menu . According to the number range, each Request is automatically assigned a unique number.

Request number according to number range

Define minimum number of suppliers

By defaulting to a minimum number of suppliers, you specify the minimum number of supplier companies in the "Request for quotation" and "Free quotation request” types in order for them to be published.


Setting a minimum number of suppliers 

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