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Substitution management of users

The substitution management can only be carried out with the appropriate right. If a user does not have this right, this must be done by an administrator with this right.

Permission to set for changing the substitution management


If you have the said authorization, you can designate n-user as a substitute in your personal data on another tab "Substitution management". All users of the company are listed. Additionally, you can set to receive the automatic system notifications for this user.

Setting up representative regulations


The tab is also displayed in the user details (double-click on a user), so that the administrator can also specify the representatives.

Here you can see with which users you have been selected as a representative. Here you can also decide from which users you would like to receive the system mails (e.g., new service entry) as a copy.

Users marked as representatives then immediately see those of the user to be represented for their own orders/service entries. "Third-party" orders/registrations are not shown separately,

Depending on his user rights, a representative can carry out actions on the "foreign" orders/service entries, e.g., release a service entry, i.e., the representative also has the rights of his role for external orders!

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