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Administrative maintenance of organizational units

If this function has been set up by FUTURA Solutions and the option has been activated in your company data, you can maintain the address data for each organizational unit (e.g., company, branch, or company code). In the ordering transaction, the address data of the selected organizational unit is then automatically used as customer data and transferred to the order.

In the Menu Administration > Company Data , the tab "Organizational Unit" is displayed:


Overview of the organizational units


If the function is activated, then the description in the following sections applies!


In the header, the name of the company level (e.g., business area, branch, department) can be defined. Field length = 25 characters

 The corresponding SAP organization can be selected via a combo box. You can choose from:

  1. - empty – if you do not (yet) have an SAP connection with FUTURA Engineering

  2. Accounting area

  3. Purchasing

  4. Buyer Group


In the lower area, the administrator can maintain the units for the organizational unit (New, Change, Delete).

Create new unit → a window opens. Enter the description and assignment of the SAP organizational unit.

Creating a new organizational unit


If an SAP organization (e.g., "Company Code") has been selected above, you can now select from all SAP company codes here. Attention: 1:1 assignment, an SAP organization must not be assigned more than once.


Change Organizational Unit

A unit can be changed. Both the name and the reference to the SAP organization can be changed. If the name is changed, the new name is also visible for all inventory transactions. If the reference to the SAP organization is changed, this only affects new transaction.


Delete Organizational Unit:

An organizational unit can only be deleted if it has not yet been used in transactions.

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