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Change order from SAP

If the order to be changed comes from SAP, it must also be adapted or changed in SAP. The transmission to FUTURA Engineering usually takes place automatically when the order is saved, but it may be necessary to initiate the transmission additionally due to customer-specific adjustments to the SAP workflow.

Please ask your SAP administrator what you need to consider when changing orders in your SAP system!

After transmission of the changed order, the supplier will be informed of the change by e-mail. Furthermore, a message window appears as soon as he opens the order:

Message of modification for the supplier

Both for orders with planned services and for orders with unplanned services (Contract orders), all changes are supported on the system side, i.e., by SAP and FUTURA Engineering . However, certain framework conditions should be clarified organizationally, especially if service entries for the order are already available.

order changes with changes to order items list or Contract items list have the following effects:

  1. If an order change is received from SAP, the order items list and thus all service lines are automatically updated (tab Items list of the order). Changes to service lines are therefore automatically applied.

  2. If a Contract items list is updated in SAP and the updated Contract is transmitted to FUTURA Engineering, the Contract items list in FUTURA Engineering is automatically updated. Changes to service lines are therefore automatically applied.

  3. For new service entries, the updated Contract is automatically available to the supplier.

  4. With old service entries, the following status are possible:

  • service entry in progress / Rejected:

In the event that also recorded services of service entry have been changed, the supplier will be informed of this when loading the service entry. In this case, the service entry must be updated before it can be sent to the approver.

  • service entry under verification:

A service entry with outdated services cannot be released, the approver receives a corresponding message when trying. He must now reject the service entry so that the supplier can replace the service lines.

  • Approved service entry:

An order change has no effect on released service entries and is therefore unproblematic.


You can make all changes in a requisition as long as no order has been created from it. After creating the order, the requisition (status "ordered") can no longer be changed. Changes are only possible in the order.

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