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Orders in FUTURA can be from different origins, depending on the used transaction for your organization. The origin of an Order can be:

  1. From a Requisition or a Quotation from the Request (In this case, the Order was created directly in FUTURA)

  2. From an ERP system (SAP)

  3. From the FUTURA AVA system


If the Order originates from a third-party system (SAP or FUTURA AVA), Order changes can only be made there. The changes are then automatically transferred to FUTURA after approval in the respective system, the supplier is informed by e-mail.


An Order can also be processed in FUTURA separately from SAP. The supplier can record the services provided for an Order in the form of a service entry (service entry) and transmit them electronically to the Approver ( purchaser side). The Approver, in turn, can check the services and then release or reject them. In this case, the entire transaction remains completely in the FUTURA environment.

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