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Checking service entries according to REB 23.003 - DA11 / X31 files


The activation of the function described below is carried out by FUTURA Solutions, please contact us if you want to use the function!


FUTURA Engineering also supports the exchange of DA11 and X31 files, which are used for the electronic transmission of quantity approaches to construction services in accordance with REB Procedure Description 23.003.

The supplier can download the order items list in the form of an X86 file and read it into his billing program. The supplier can then read the DA11 or X31 file created in it into FUTURA Engineering.

To check the quantity of the service lines, you use the MWM Libero software, a product of the software manufacturer MWM, which already has many years of experience in the development of construction software. The exchange of data between FUTURA Engineering and MWM Libero is very easy at the push of a button.

MWM Libero clearly displays all quantity estimates for the recorded services. If necessary, you can make corrections and automatically transfer them back to FUTURA Engineering.

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