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Service entries to verify as approver

With FUTURA Engineering , the supplier can record the service entries provided for an order and transmit them electronically to the customer. If reference has been made to a framework Contract in the order, the supplier can call it up and extract items to be settled from it.

The purchaser in the role of approver, in turn, can check and approve or reject the services.

To open a service entry, either select the order first and switch to the service entry tab or open the entry via one of the entry lists. All entries to be checked can be found under "Entries in check":


Entries under verification


Select the corresponding capture by double-clicking or the button, the capture will be loaded and displayed.


The following rules apply in the transaction 'service entry' for the supplier and the customer in the case of non-cumulated quantity entry:

  • The supplier can generate any number of entries and transmit them to the customer.

  • The entries can be transmitted in any order (only in the case of non-cumulated quantity entry).

  • The creation of further service lines (free text) is not possible for orders without limit.

  • The verification/approval of service entries (except final entry) can be carried out in any order.

  • Only the last entry can be marked as final entry (final entry indicator).

  • After the final entry, no further entries can be generated.

  • The supplier can only transmit the final entry to the customer if he has previously submitted all partial entries.

  • The final entry can only be released by the customer if all transmitted partial entries have been released beforehand.


Cumulated quantity entry option:

If the order has its origin in the FUTURA AVA, the option "cumulative quantity entry" can be used. This option is already set in the FUTURA AVA ordering system and has the consequence that the supplier must record his measurements cumulatively. This means that he must add newly provided services to the previously billed, already released quantities. In the "General" section under the "Header Data" tab, you can see whether the "Cumulative quantity entry" option is set.


Cumulated quantity entry option

The option also affects the processing of service entries. The following additional framework conditions apply:

  • Only one entry can be transmitted to the approver at a time. The transmission of a new entry is only possible when the previous entry has been released. Otherwise, the button "Send to the approver" is blocked.

  • The sequence of entries (order no.) must be observed during transmission.

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