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Copying and moving master service lines

FUTURA also allows you to copy or move one or more service lines within the master items list. Copy/move can be done within the same folder or in a different title or items list .

Proceed as follows:

  1. Ctrl-click and left-click to select the service lines you want to copy .

  2. Right-click > copy

  3. Now select the destination. To do this, select the service line under which the copied service lines are to be pasted and press the right mouse button > paste.

  4. The service lines are inserted at the desired location. To move service lines , follow the same pattern.

Options with ricght click for processing a service line



The copied service lines do not automatically receive a service number. You can have the service number generated subsequently according to the defined scheme via the details of the Items list folder.

→ For more information, see LINK ZU Section 9.3.11, Service number.


SAP integration:

If you use the "Create service master in SAP" interface, you must subsequently initiate the transfer to SAP for the new service lines. To do this, use the button "Create service master".

à For more information, see Section

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