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Creating master service lines in SAP

In FUTURA Engineering, you can transfer service lines of a master items list to SAP and create them there as master service lines.

For a successful import of the master services into SAP, including service numbers, the maintained service numbers must be part of the service line. The master items list, including the service numbers, is sent to SAP with the "service master file" button:

The transfer of the service lines is then started. An interface call is made for each service line.

Start of transmission of automatic service numbers


Only service lines with a service number are transmitted to SAP!


For larger items lists, the transfer may take some time (about 3-4sec per service line!). Please wait for the transfer to complete successfully. Based on the transmission status for each line, you can track the status of the transmission:

Send status to a service line


Green   = Transmission to SAP successfully completed

Yellow = Submission in progress

Red      = Transmission ran on an error. The error appears in the Status report column.


Changing existing master service lines:

If necessary, you can modify existing master service lines. After saving, the changes are automatically sent to SAP. See also page Modifying service lines from the master items list

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