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GAEB Export in the Master Items List

Likewise, an items list can also be exported as a GAEB X83 file.

  1. Select the items list folder (red).

  2. Click on the button Import/Export > Export DA83. You will be asked to choose the storage location or to open the file directly. It might also be that your browser downloads and saves files from websites automatically. In this case, you should find the files in the “downloads” folder of your device.

  3. You can now save the file or open it in a program.



Since the items list in the master does not have a reference no., a default numbering is assigned during the export according to the following defined scheme:

  1. Title Length = 2, Step Size =1

  2. LZ length = 4, step size = 10



An items list has 1 title level reference no. = 01.0010

An items list has 3 title levels reference no. =

Export an items list as GAEB file from the master services

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