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Import Purchase requisition in a request

If your organization uses the Purchase requisition import process into FUTURA Engineering, you can already import a Purchase requisition in the request. The deposited Purch. Req. can later be used to trigger an order. This option is helpful, if your purchasing and procurement process already provides a Purch. Req. for a request and to obtain a quotation.



This function must be activated by FUTURA Engineering. Please contact us through your administrator if you would like to use this.


Input of the Purch. Req. and import


The Purch. Req. is imported from SAP and assigned to the request.


Successfully assigned Purch. Req.


In the event that the imported Purch. Req. is not correct, you will receive a corresponding error message from SAP.


Error when importing a requisition

Change Purchase requisition:

As long as the request is in the status "In preparation", you can import another Purch. Req. at any time using the same procedure or re-import and assign an already assigned Purch. Req. (e.g., after a Purch. Req. modification SAP). With the red "X" button, you can delete the assigned Purch. Req.  reference in the status "In preparation“.

The number of the currently assigned Purch. Req. and the date of import from SAP are then displayed.

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