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Requests and Quotations

This section describes how you can advertise your requests and obtain quotations in FUTURA Engineering with the help of requests.

Benefit from the flexible options for the creation of an items list, import the items list from Excel or GAEB XML, or create it by hand. Attach any files to the request. Transfer suppliers from your FUTURA Engineering supplier catalogue and start the request. The invited suppliers receive access to the request and can quickly and easily submit their quotation via the platform. Track the processing status of each supplier in real time. Thus, you always have an overview of which suppliers were already active and submitted a quotation.

FUTURA Engineering quotations you a flexibly adaptable price comparison list for evaluating the quotations. You can revise quotations and thus, record negotiation results. Save price lists levels so that you can see the development of your negotiations later.

The quotations evaluated at the end of a request can be transferred to your SAP system and/or contracts can be created. In addition, you can use the evaluated quotations to trigger orders directly.

There are 4 types of requests to choose from. All types have their characteristics, but they are handled identically in terms of structure and control. You can find out which request types are available for selection and what the settings and special features of the individual requests are. You can find out how to create a request type RFQ here:

Types of requests and their characteristics

You can find out how to create a request to set up and control it in general on the following page:

Create request / Structure of a request

You can find out more about this topic on the following pages:

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