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Mark order as "Completed"


The function described below is only available to users with the corresponding right to "complete order".

An order can also be manually marked as "completed" without a final entry being released.


In individual cases, it may happen that the last entry is not marked as a final entry. In this case, the supplier no longer creates any further entry. The order then remains in the status "In progress".

To mark an order as completed, open the order, and click on the button  under the "order data" tab. The order status then changes to "completed". If necessary, the order can also be reset to the status "in progress" by means of the button  that then appears.


Complete multiple orders at the same time:

To transfer several orders to the status "completed" at the same time, please use the same button in any order list (orders total, under verification, etc.).


Completing orders

By clicking on the button, all orders displayed in the list are transferred to the status completed. orders that are already in the status "completed" or "cancelled" remain unaffected by the promotion.

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