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Progress bar for delivery operations

If you click on the release button, the release transaction is triggered. During the transmission and processing of the data in SAP, you can continue to work in FUTURA and, for example, release other service entries. The columns "Send Status" and "Status Message" in all entry lists show you the history and result of the release. The information corresponds to the display as on the tab "Service entries".

Delivery status

System mail for the Approver

If there is an error during the release, you will be informed by system mail. The system mail also contains the text of the status message.

Notification to the Approver

In the case of positive processing, you will not be informed separately by system mail.


Display during call processing

During the processing of the release call, you cannot make any changes to the sent service entry, i.e. You can

  1. do not maintain quantities

  2. do not add/change/delete comments

  3. do not add/change/delete attachments

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