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Reminder of service entries to be checked


The activation of the reminder function is carried out by FUTURA Solutions, please contact us if you would like to use the function.

If this function is available to you, an approver is automatically reminded again by system e-mail via service entries to be checked that have not yet been processed (approved or rejected). The period up to the respective reminder level can be flexibly defined e.g.,

  1. Reminder email after 6 days

  2. Reminder e-mail after 10 days

  3. Reminder e-mail after 14 days


The settings for the reminder function are displayed in the user's personal settings:

Personal settings for automatic reminders

Here, the e-mail address of a supervisor can also be stored per user (only possible with the right "Change user"). In addition, a global e-mail address can also be defined in the system. If a 3rd reminder is issued, these e-mail addresses will also be informed about the entry to be checked.


In the service entries lists, you will see two more columns:

new columns


to be checked since


Display of the period in days after service entry receipt by the approver (status in "Under verification")

Reminder Level


Display of reminders via system mail. As long as no reminder has been made, the field is empty.

The entries for the 2nd or 3rd reminder are marked in red as a sign of urgency.


Overview of sent reminders

Rejecting or releasing a service entry removes the entries in the new columns. The columns are only displayed for you as the client, but not for the suppliers.

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