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Start a new round of Request

If necessary, you can restart a completed Request and thus ring in another round of Requests. For the new round of Requests, you can adjust the Request as you like beforehand, and items list changes are also possible in principle.

The rule also applies in a new round of Requests, as described in Chapter 5.8.4:

A change to the items list will result in all quotations submitted to date becoming invalid. An invalid quotation may be revised and resubmitted by the Supplier.


A new round of inquiries can be useful in the following cases:

  1. In the first round, too few usable quotations were submitted. Further suppliers are to be invited to the Request.

  2. Suppliers should be able to revise/improve their quotations in a second round of inquiries. The renegotiation will therefore take place via the submission of a new request round.

  3. This resulted in items list changes, which requires the processing of the already submitted quotations.


In the new Request round, you can redefine the supplier selection. Add more suppliers that you would also like to invite to the 2nd round. Remove the suppliers that you don't want to be there.

Adjust the Request to your needs and set the new deadline. Finally, click on "Start new Request round".

Start new Request round


To reopen the Request, the "Start Request" right is required!


A new version of the Request is then created. The start of the 2nd Request round has the following effects:

  1. The status of the Request changes from "completed" to "ongoing".

  2. The Request will be blocked against changes. Changes are now only possible with the appropriate authorization.

  3. The selected suppliers will be informed about the Request by e-mail.

  4. Removed suppliers will not be informed, they will still see the Request from Round 1 (status "completed").


Note on the display of the Request to the supplier:

A supplier only sees the last published Request version to which it is assigned!

For example, restart an expired Request and remove a supplier from the list, he will still see version 1 of the Request in his access.



Request version









Supplier A

Supplier B

Supplier C



Supplier A

Supplier B


Supplier D






Supplier E


It follows:

→ Supplier A, B, D see version 2,

→ Supplier C sees version 1

→ Supplier E sees version 3


If a supplier has already submitted a quotation in a previous version, he can revise it and submit a new quotation. Quotations from previous versions will continue to be displayed on the "Quotations" tab. Thus, you can compare quotations across versions in the price comparison list!

Display of the Request round



Theoretically, it can also happen that a supplier has submitted several quotations, namely one quotation per Request round!

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