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Supplementary quotation by supplier

In the items list of processing an order, the supplier can independently and optionally submit a supplementary quotation. The preparation of the supplementary quotation is identical to that of a request, with the exception that the creation of the items list is carried out exclusively by the supplier. Using GAEB XML, an Excel import file or free text lines, the supplier can create his supplementary quotation including the quotation prices and send it to you as the purchaser within the same order. The supplier can also access Contract lines and use them to create the items list. The structure of the supplementary quotation and its quotation prices can be freely changed by you as the purchaser.


An overview of submitted supplementary quotations can be found in the register tab “Supplementary quotations”. Several supplementary quotations can be sent. As soon as a supplementary quotation for an order is available, you will be informed by e-mail.


Register tab for supplementary quotations


The assigned approver of the order can accept or reject a supplementary quotation in the order. In the event of a takeover, the supplier will be notified by e-mail.


Apply or reject supplementary quotation

The adoption of a supplementary quotation in the order has the consequence that it is converted into a working copy (change mode). In the items list of the order, a supplementary folder and thus another order item is created as a supplement with the corresponding service lines.


To order the supplementary quotation, the same procedure, as in the preparation of a supplement has to be performed: order requisition import or creation, information on delivery date, etc. Please refer to the previous page order requisition assignment and verification



Supplementary quotations are only possible for orders originating from FUTURA Engineering, not for external orders from SAP or FUTURA AVA!

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