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Awarding / commissioning of the quotation

If your organizational unit works in FUTURA without an SAP connection and thus only use the Request/quotation transaction, then you can log the assignment / Order in the system by clicking on the button “Order quotation” in the "Quotations" tab of a Request. An Order is then created in FUTURA. In this Order you can find the commissioned items list and information about the commissioned company. In addition, you can create and download the Order items list as a PDF file.

The "Approver" field is mandatory for triggering the Order. The Approver is responsible for the subsequent transactions in the Order for the verification of the service entries. If your process ends when the Order is triggered (you use FUTURA without the transaction for the service entry between Approver and supplier), the contact person for the Order can be assigned in the field "Approver". This appears in the header data of the Order.


Assign Approvers in the dialog box for Order triggering

In the lower area, you can optionally maintain delivery dates and delivery addresses. With the button "Order" the quotation is converted into an Order.


Trigger Order finally

The Order is created and receives the status "in preparation". With the PDF button you generate the Order items list and can download it.

Create Order items list as PDF


Example of an Order items list as PDF:

First page of the Order items list as PDF

Page 2 of the Order items list as PDF

Last page of the Order items list as PDF

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