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Change Items list


Changes to the items list are only possible with the right "Edit items list".

Even after starting the request, you can still make changes to the items list. To change the list item, the request must be in change mode. Items that are changed in quantity, unit of measure, short text, etc. lead to the invalidity of already sent quotations.


If you want to change the items list based on an items list import via GAEB or Excel, the previous items list will be completely overwritten, and all already submitted quotations will also become invalid if the changes are adopted. Before the items list import, you receive the following note:


Message when overwriting the items list via import



The release of items list changes in an ongoing request means that all quotations submitted to date will become invalid! An invalid quotation may be revised and resubmitted by the supplier.


The following actions are performed when the Items list change is released:

  1. The quotation status of the already submitted quotations changes from "Quotation Submitted" to "invalid"

  2. The processing status of the suppliers (tab "suppliers/Status") who have already submitted a quotation, changes from "Quotation submitted" to "invalid".

  3. New entry "Quotation to revise" in the log of the quotation

  4. Affected suppliers will be informed by e-mail ( mail "request changed")


In the following cases, when the items list changes, an e-mail notification is sent to the suppliers active in the request:

  1. The supplier has already viewed the request, but has not yet accepted it

  2. The supplier has accepted the request, but no quotation in preparation

  3. The quotation is in the status "in preparation" at the supplier

  4. The quotation has already been sent. Status has changed from "Submitted" to "invalid")



  1. The supplier has not yet sighted. This means that the request has not yet been called up in the system (the status of the request from this supplier is "unseen")

  2. The supplier was only added to the request AFTER the items list has been changed


If the items list is changed in an ongoing request by making a change directly in FUTURA Engineering (e.g., quantity change of an existing service line), these service lines are highlighted in red for the supplier in the quotation.


View of the quotation after change to the items list



If the items list is changed via GAEB or Excel import, the participants of the request will see it as a completely new items list. If the item has list LOTS and the change was only made loosely via GAEB or Excel import, the service lines are only highlighted in complete red.

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