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Commercial opening of quotations

If you have applied the option "Separation of technical and commercial quotation data" ("multi-envelope" procedure) in the request, the price comparison list is supplemented by another line "Bonus(+)/Malus(-)" for the total including these values. This line is also displayed if no bonus/malus values were previously entered during the technical quotation opening.

The total price of the quotation remains the same in the price comparison list evaluation. Bonus/malus values in the price comparison list only represent a "better/worse" comparison in the evaluation. The resulting reduced or increased total prices cannot be stored as negotiated sums. Consequently, no orders can be triggered from this.


View "Bonus(+)/Malus(-)" in the price comparison list



Bonus/malus values can no longer be changed in the price comparison list or subsequently entered. These can only be maintained again with a new round of requests (version 2) and with the procedure explained in the following page LINK ZU BONUS MALUS

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