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Evaluation (focus positions)

With the help of the button "Evaluation", filters can be defined, which reduces the display to certain items list elements.

Button to define the evaluation type

 Clicking on the button opens the following dialog:


1.) Focus:

By entering the limit value (percentual or absolute), services with a small proportion of the total scope of the quotation sum can be hidden.



If an absolute limit of EUR 500 is entered, all services whose average price (column "Medium") is less than the entered limit value are hidden. In the example (see fig.), the view is thus reduced to the service line 0040:

View in the price comparison list incl. column "Average"

2.) Outlier:

With the help of this limit value, so-called “outliers” can be filtered out, in which the quotation price of a bidder deviates significantly from the average or minimum price. If you enter a limit in %, only services whose value in the Comparison column is above the specified limit are displayed. This reduces the advertisement to services in which a bidder deviates significantly from the other bidders in his quotation.



The reduced price comparison list view by using “Outlier” or a “core area” is also taken into account when exporting the table to Excel and saving a price comparison list status.

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