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Final service entry


The workflow described here is only intended in the event that the supplier and auditor cannot agree. The possibility of rejection by the approver is still available and should also be 1st choice.

A final service entry is marked with the respective check mark in “Final entry sheet” inside the service entry. It is also displayed and marked as such in the transaction list for service entries. A service entry can only be marked as a final entry sheet by the supplier.

Note concerning a final entry release

If you release a final service entry with different quantities (checked and unchecked quantities are not the same), the final entry is split into two partial entries.

The 1st partial entry includes all service lines with the quantities checked by you, i.e., the services that are undisputed. This entry is transmitted to SAP and released. The SE indicator is removed upon release and no end entry indicator is transferred to SAP.

(Note: if the option "approver may increase quantity" is set under Administration/Settings, the approver can also correct the unchecked quantities of the supplier upwards if necessary. Otherwise, the principle applies that in the event of a correction by the approver, the unchecked quantity can only be reduced.)

The 2nd partial entry includes all disputed service lines, i.e., those for which the tested quantities differ from those of the supplier. The quantity in this case is the difference between unchecked and checked. This service entry receives the status "Rejected" and is sent back to the supplier.


LZ 0010, circuit breaker, continuous current 400 A

Quantity of the supplier = 15 pcs.

Quantity of the approver = 12 pcs.


from which it follows when the final entry is released:


  1. Partial entry quantity = 12 pcs. is released and posted to SAP

  2. Partial entry quantity = 3 pcs. is disputed and is sent back to the supplier in the form of the 2nd partial entry. The entry is then in the status → "in revision".


The supplier will be informed of the fact that only partial services of the transmitted final entry have been released by system mail:

Email notification for the supplier

The supplier can now revise the 2nd entry as in the normal transaction (change quantities, add new services) and send it again to the approver, either as a partial entry or as a final entry.

If it is subsequently determined that there are no further entry sheets for the order, you must:

  • Manually set the end entry indicator (EKZ) in SAP

  • Mark the order as "completed" in FUTURA Engineering

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