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Functions in the price comparison list

The following functions are available in the price comparison list:



Refresh data

Reloads the data from the Price Watch.

Excel report

Export of the price comparison list to Excel. All displayed columns and their contents are transferred. The columns for price comparison list unit price, total price, comparison, and rank can be exported vertically or horizontally.

Save Working version

Save the changes in the Price Watch. Only the data is stored, not the layout.

Save status

With this button you can save the current price comparison list status as a copy. See below for more information. Stored price comparison list levels are managed by FUTURA in an audit-proof manner and cannot be changed. Export to Excel is possible.


With this button you can show and hide the columns. On the left are the General Columns, on the right the Bidder Columns, which are displayed per quotation.


With this button you can hide quotations in the price comparison list.




Hiding a quotation within the Price comparison only affects the display. The bidder or his quotation prices will continue to be taken into account when determining certain information such as minimum, maximum, average, comparison/rank, etc.!

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