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Limit check when ordering

If you import the Order Requisition created in SAP into FUTURA in your organizational unit, make sure that the limits in the Order Requisition are sufficient for your calculated services. When ordering, the position limits adopted from the Order Requisition are checked. If a limit is exceeded, the ordering transaction is not possible.

In this case, you must increase the limits in the SAP Order Requisition. You can use  to remove an Order Requisition assignment if, for example, you want to re-import another Order Requisition. With  you can import the new Order Requisition. Use  to update an already assigned Order Requisition, for example, if you have adjusted the limit in SAP for this same Order Requisition.


Order Requisition assignment and checking of limits

When triggering the Order, you will receive an error message in this case:

Error message when exceeding the limit

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