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With requisitions you have the possibility to store an items list including project-related transactions etc. in FUTURA Engineering. A requisition can then either be transferred to a request or ordered directly. In the last case, the requisition is transferred directly to a Purchase Order. In the later case, a selected supplier for the Order is assigned to the requisition. If the requisition is transferred to a request, the contractors (suppliers) are assigned in the request. A requisition is particularly suitable for a user of your planning department.

Building a requisition


requisition in preparation

 A requisition is divided into the following tabs:



Header data

Display of the header data of a requisition. The data is again divided into different areas:

  1. General: Description of requisitions, short description, etc.

  2. Delivery address

  3. Cost overview: service costs, material costs, total costs, etc.

Items list

The tab "Specifications" is divided into three areas:

  1. Details of the position that is currently selected in the Items list tree under the services area

  2. SAP data from the assigned Order requisition

  3. Services: The items list to be ordered are created here.



Overview of the Orders created from this requisition with their respective status. Double-clicking on an Order opens it.


Comments / notes on the requisition are recorded and managed.

For more information, see Section 4.10.1, Notes in a requisition



Here is where files are added and managed in a requisition.

For more information, see Section 4.10.2 Attachments in a request


Status of a requisition

The following status are possible:



In preparation

requisition has been created and is in progress but has not yet been ordered or requested.


In FUTURA Engineering, an Order or request has been created from the requisition.

In progress

The transaction created from the requisition is in progress

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