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Line types

The following describes the line types supported by FUTURA:


Standard lines

Default setting when creating a new line. There are no special features.


Note lines

Note lines are standardized or freely formulated descriptions that must be considered when pricing. They can refer to the entire Items list, parts of the Items list or individual service lines. A note line consists only of short text and long text.

They can be placed anywhere on the Items list, even under a folder (position/title) that has subfolders! The hint line does not receive a reference no.


Basic and Alternative lines

If an alternative is to be requested for a specific line, the 1st line is defined as the basic line, all alternative executions are defined as an alternative line.


The basic line and the alternative line are linked by the assignment number (In the following, described as ‘AN’). The assignment number is a maximum of 4 digits numeric, it is composed as follows:


Position 1- max. 3:

Part of the assignment number of the basic item

Ld. number, starting with 001

Last digit:

Part of the assignment number of the election line


  1. The basic line must precede the alternative executions, but there may be intermediate lines

  2. If titles exist, assignments are only allowed within the same title.

  3. If titles do not exist Assignments are only allowed within the same position.


Like the Requisition line, the reason line is not included in the total sum of the LG. This applies to the Request Items list, the quotation Items list and to the display in the price comparison list!

When creating a basic line in an Items list, the assignment number is automatically assigned by the system, starting with the first freely available assignment number 001.0, 002.0, 003.0, etc.

Assignment number for basic and election lines

When creating a choice line, the system checks whether a basic line exists in the same title above the new election line and automatically assigns the assignment number.

Example (AN = assignment number):

Basic line present, AN = 005.0

Option line 1 is created below the basic line and automatically receives AN = 005.1

Option line 2 is created below the basic line and automatically receives AN = 005.2


However, the assignment number of an option line can be adjusted manually in the detail window. This ensures that:

  1. several election lines together can also represent an alternative execution to a single basic line (accordingly, all relevant election lines receive the same assignment number!).

  1. in the case of several basic lines in a title, the assignment can also be overlapping. Example:

  • Basic line 1 AN = 001.0            

  • Election line 1 to GZ1AN = 001.1          

  • Basic line 2AN = 002.0             

  • Election line 2 to GZ1AN = 001.2          

  • Election line 1 to GZ2AN = 002.1          

  • Election line 2 to GZ2AN = 002.2

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