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Create items list

On the tab "Items list” you can create or import the items list for the planned measure. In both cases, you can completely edit the items list in FUTURA. This also includes items lists that you import via GAEB or Excel file. The individual functionalities of how the items list is edited online are shown below.


In the tab " Items list" you will find 4 areas for the creation of the items list:

  • Item details

  • SAP Integration

  • Header texts

  • Services


Depending on the process you use in your organizational unit, the purchase requisition required for the purchase order is either created directly from FUTURA, or an existing one with all SAP integration data is imported. Thus, there are two possibilities:


  1. Purchase Requisition import to FUTURA

In the "SAP Integration" area, additional data from the assigned SAP BANF item is displayed if your organization uses the BANF import.


  1. Purchase Requisition creation from FUTURA

If the Purchase Requisition is created via FUTURA, these fields are editable for you. In this case, they are required for the creation of the Purchase Requisition and are therefore mandatory.


Learn more about this on the following pages:

Assigning a SAP purchase requisition to the requisition

Create purchase requisition from a requisition transaction


Creation of the Items list

The Items list is created under the "Services" section. The first position is automatically created by the system and displayed in the tree. It automatically receives the description of the Requisition (field "Description" in the "Header data" tab) and can be renamed.

Here you can:

  • Structure the items list with titles/subtitles

  • Create new service lines (free text lines)

  • Transfer service lines from contracts

  • Transfer service lines from the master items list

  • Transfer service lines from other documents (Requisition, Request, Order)

  • Import an items list (Excel or GAEB DA83)


Overview of the items list tab upper part


Overview of the items list tab bottom part


Details of the position that are currently selected in the tree of the items list:



Red folder

Name of the Order item. When using LOTS: per LOT = Order item

Purchase Requisition number

Display of the assigned purchase requisition number

Number of positions

Display of the item number of the assigned purchase requisition


Supplier for the planned service

The supplier details can be viewed via the magnifying glass button


Supplier user who is to receive the later Order (à e-mail notification)


SAP merchandise group (from purchase requisition)


Delivery date (from purchase requisition)


Calculated value for unplanned services. This can be entered here.


Determined costs of the selected item resulting from the items list


Sum of planned and unplanned services

Limit (purchase requisition)

Limit of the position (from the Order Requisition)


Assigned contracts of the supplier


In the "SAP Data" area, further data from the assigned SAP purchase requisition item is displayed. The area is hidden by default and can be displayed via the arrow button.

You can find out more about this topic on the following pages:

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