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Order from Request/Quotation

When ordering a quotation from a Request - unlike an Order from a Requisition - the purchase requisition assignment/generation is moved to the Order. Therefore, there is no automatic transfer to SAP. The Order first receives the status "in preparation" and is created as a transaction without an Order number. In the status "in preparation", the content of the Order can be adjusted, e.g., header data, SAP data, attachments and the items list can be changed. Depending on the configuration in your organizational unit, after finalization of the Order, the purchase requisition is imported, or the purchase requisition is created from or into SAP.


If your organizational unit works in SAP with an Order Requisition approval, this is a prerequisite and must be approved. Only after the approval has been imported, the Order can be transferred to SAP. Whilst the approval is in process, the Order remains in the status "Waiting for release". If the purchase requisition is approved, the Order can be triggered. To trigger the Order, click on the "Place Order" button above the tabs:

Button to create an order in SAP


If your organizational unit works out of FUTURA with the creation of an purchase requisition, the purchase requisition and the associated account assignment must first be created here. You can find out how to do this in Chapter 7Creating Order Requisition in SAP with Account Assignment, P. 216.


If the Order was created in FUTURA from a Requisition or a quotation, FUTURA is the "leading" system, any changes are made in FUTURA.


For more information, see Order Quotation

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