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Order value limit for specific roles


The setting is carried out by FUTURA Solutions. Please contact us if you would like to use the function!


You have the option of restricting the right to Order a Requisition with a value limit.

Thus, you can, for example allow the group of Requisition Carriers, which plan and calculate the Requisition, to Order only Requisitions up to a defined limit value directly without the approval of the purchasing department. Requisitions above the limit value must then be ordered by purchasing roles (users with purchasing rights).

First, set a value limit. You then determine the role(s) that may only Order up to this limit.



Limit value 1

Indication of the limit value (0,00) in EUR

Role Limit 1

Determination of the role(s) that may only Order the Requisition up to the specified limit value 1


If the total amount of the Requisition exceeds the limit value, the "Order" button is blocked.

View as required when the limit value is exceeded

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