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Reject service entry

If the checked entry deviates from the quantities of the supplier (differences in the quantities to be billed), the entry can be rejected. Select the desired service entry and click on the button  "Reject service entry".


Button to reject a service entry

Rejecting a service entry has the following effects:

  • The supplier will be informed of the rejection by e-mail.

  • The supplier receives the rejected service entry with the verified quantities back (service entry contains the corrected quantities from the Approver). If the quantity values differ from each other, the deviating quantities are displayed in red.

  • The service entry receives the status "Rejected" and is no longer editable for the Approver.

The supplier now has the option of revising and resending the service entry or accepting the changes made by the Approver. In both cases, the Approver receives the service entry again for verification.

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