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Release without deviation

If the setting "Quantity checked = quantity unchecked" has been selected, its quantities must necessarily match those of the supplier when they are released. A release with deviating quantities is then not possible, in this case you must reject the service entry and have it corrected by the supplier.


If the supplier's service entry is correct, you can release it. To do this, click on the Release button

Button to release the service entry

The release of the entry is logged in the log with username and date.

Effects of the release are:

  • The service entry is transmitted to SAP as a service entry sheet and created there. If it is a measurement that contains service lines from several order items, several service entry sheets may be created in SAP.

  • The service entry in FUTURA Engineering receives the status "released" and can no longer be changed.

  • After the service entry is released, all lines that have not been entered are automatically deleted. Thus, the service entry is reduced to the most necessary, the entry data is minimized. The supplier and approver will then only see the released services with quantities.

  • In SAP, the service entry sheet automatically receives the status "accepted".

  • The supplier will be informed of the release by e-mail.


After approval of the measurement, a rejection is no longer possible afterwards.

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