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Service entries tab of an Order

On this tab you will find all already created service entries listed among each other. You can call up and check a service entry with the entered quantities of the supplier. A collection can be approved or rejected by you.


Service Entries tab


By double-clicking on a line or using a button, you can open a service entry.

The table displays the following information about a service entry, among others:



Order no.

Sequential number for service registrations.

Short text

Short text of the service entry, which can be filled by the supplier

SAP service entry no.

service entries approved by the customer receive a number generated by SAP. If the FUTURA service entry has been divided into several service entry sheets in SAP for functional reasons, several SAP service entry no. displayed.


Display whether the service entry represents a final entry (construction industry: final measurement).

Total checked

Sum of the service entry the sum is determined from the quantities of the Approver

Total unchecked

Sum of the service entry. The sum is determined from the quantity items list of the supplier

Service entry status

Shows you the status of the service entry:


The bracket shows that attachments are present, and the number indicates how many are still unread.


The sheet shows that there are comments, and the number indicates how many are still unread.

Sending Status

The Delivery status shows you whether the submission of a capture was successful, or an error occurred.

 The submission was successful.

 Submission Failed

Status message

If an error occurs, the error message is displayed at this point.

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