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Subsequent addition of quotations

For your evaluation, you can subsequently maintain quotations from suppliers by yourself and with the known methods via GAEB or Excel. Late quotations or quotations that are send outside the system can thus be taken into account in the price comparison list. The same applies to additionally submitted quotation documents, which you can also attach.

On the tab "Quotations" for each request type, you will find the "Add Quotation" button after the quotations were opened. A separate window will open in which you can fill in the information about the quotation received separately. Optionally, you can enter a remark. Here, for example, you can record how the quotation was received. This information remains as internal for your organization. You can import a suitable quotation file for the requested items list via Excel or GAEB file (X84). Additional documents can be uploaded as attachments in the lower area of the window.

Manually adding a quotation in the system

Finally, click on "Create quotation" so that it is created and listed in the overview of the quotations. You can now take this into account in the price comparison list.

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