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Text-by-supplier option


The Text-by-supplier option is used by the purchaser to request additional information about a service line. These can be e.g., material, manufacturer, or type.

The Text-by-supplier option can be inserted at any point in the long text and thus queried. A supplier then has the option of supplementing a text in his quotation at the relevant point of the long text of the item line.

In the long text of an item line, several supplier text additions can also be available.

Text that is inserted in Text-by-supplier fields are not considered in framework agreements, as there is an order here and thus the long text is blocked.


Creation and application:

Any number of text additions can be inserted in a long text. To do this, double-click to open the details of the service line, call up the Long Text tab, select the place in the text where the placeholder for the text supplement is to be placed and click on the "Text-by-suppler" button:

Details of the service line, tab "Long text"

By clicking on OK, the Text-by-supplier option is inserted at the place of the cursor. In the overview of the items list, service lines with the Text-by-supplier option for the purchaser and supplier are displayed with the icon.

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