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Transmission of the Order to the supplier

IDOCs are used in SAP for the transmission of Orders and Order changes from SAP to FUTURA. An IDOC is automatically generated as soon as an Order or an Order change is saved in SAP .

Sending can be checked in SAP using the "Messages" button.

"Messages" function in SAP

All messages that have already been sent to this Order are logged here. Messages for IDOCs are listed with the message type YFU. If the SAP traffic light is green, the Order has been successfully submitted.

Message control in SAP


If a new Order is received in FUTURA, the system checks whether the selected supplier is already registered in FUTURA. The check is carried out using the supplier's e-mail address specified in the Order.

If a supplier user with this e-mail address already exists, the Order is assigned to the supplier.

If the e-mail address does not yet exist in FUTURA, a new supplier with a new user is created in FUTURA, the access data is automatically sent to the supplier by e-mail.

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