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Types of requests and their characteristics

To create a request, follow these steps:


  1. Open any request list. Click on the "New" button. A blank form opens.


Button to start new request


2. You can choose between different types of requests:

  1. request for Quotation

  2. Contract request

  3. Cost estimate

  4. Free quotation request

Choose request type


3. All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. Fill in all the required fields and save the request with the Save button. The request is created in the system. It will receive a request number according to your set number range or the field for the request number will remain empty if your company works without automatically generating the request number. In these cases, an internal reference number of your company should usually be entered manually.

If necessary, your company also works with organizational units. These are usually company codes. This is also declared as a mandatory field.

request for quotation

Standard request type → The request is a classic request for quotation based on an items list. The request can be sent to multiple suppliers. The items list can be taken from any source, created manually, or imported.

You can find out how to create and navigate a request here:

Create request / Structure of a request


Contract request

The Contract request is addressed to one specific supplier (= supplier with purchase agreement), services should primarily be Contract services, the prices negotiated in the Contract are transferred to the request and displayed to the supplier as default prices. The supplier has the possibility to give a reference no. percentage discount or surcharge on the header level in his quotation.


In the Contract request, the following deviations from the price request apply:

  • Only 1 supplier can be selected.

If a supplier has already been assigned, no further one can be added.

  • The Contract reference must be retained for Contract lines.

The change of Contract lines in the request is then only possible to a limited extent, the customer may only change the quantity.

  • The following options on the tab “Header data” are enabled and cannot be changed:

  • The Contract reference must be retained for Contract lines.

The modification of Contract lines in the request is then only possible to a limited extent.

The supplier receives the prices from the request as default prices and cannot change them. He can only set a discount or surcharge at header level.

Cost estimate

This request type is addressed to one specific supplier/supplier. In contrast to the classic requests (RFQ) and Contract requests, in which the items list is specified, the supplier creates the items list independently. You can determine in advance which sources are available for this purpose. The available sources are:

  • Items list import (GAEB/Excel)

  • Free text

  • Contract


In a request of the type "Cost estimate" the following deviations from the classic request apply:

  • Only one supplier can be selected

  • If a supplier has already been assigned, no further one can be selected

  • In this case, the supplier is the items list creator

  • The quotation can only be submitted with information on units of measure (quantity 0 not possible)


Free quotation request

This type of request, which is based on a RFQ and an Cost estimate request, allows you to create a request in which suppliers can create the quotation using their predefined sources. The request can be addressed to several suppliers. An items list can be given by the purchaser. In addition, the client can determine which sources the supplier can use. The sources "Items list Import (GAEB, Excel)", "New Free Text" lines, "Contract" and "order" are available. In principle, the supplier has access to the items list. The purchaser's items list is not binding for the creation of the quotation. The quotation items list is to be prepared by the supplier. With this type of request, no price comparison list is available upon evaluation, as the Planner does not specify a fixed items list and, therefore, the quotation items list created by the suppliers differs from it. This means that only a comparison of quotations on the total sum is possible between the supplier quotations.


The following sources are available:

  • Items list import via GAEB and Excel

  • Creation of free text lines

  • Contracts

  • orders


In addition, you can optionally provide an items list for this type of request, as is the case with the classic request for quotation. The suppliers then have additional and optional access to it and can create the offer based on it and as an additional source. With this type of request, you can have any number of suppliers participate.


Free quotation request

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