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Layout of the Price Comparison

When you open the price comparison list for the first time, you will be shown the default display layout. By clicking on the "Columns" button, you can show and hide the column options. In the selection window you will find the general columns on the left, and the bidder columns on the right, which are displayed per quotation. By clicking on the "OK" button, your selection will be saved and displayed each time you call up the price comparison list. You can readjust the showing and hiding of column options at any time.

price comparison list

In the price comparison list of the loaded working version, the content of the quotations can be changed and saved. This allows you to record the results of the renegotiation without the need for another round of requests. The following adjustments are possible:

  • Change of a unit price per quotation

  • Add a header discount (+) or surcharge (-) reference no or absolute.

  • Determination of which services are to be included in the calculation of the quotation sum.

If the price comparison list has reached a level that is to be stored in an audit-proof manner, the current status of the working version can be saved as a price comparison status.

The following information is displayed as columns:

General columns




Using the "Used" column, you can define which service lines should be included in the total sum of the quotation and which should not. All lines marked with "X" are included in the total. requisition lines and alternative lines are marked as "not used" by default.


When commissioning a quotation (see order Quotation) only the services marked as used will be included in the order!

Reference no.

Ordinal number of the Items list element


Description of the line type:

H = Note

B = requisition line

G = Basic line

A = alternate line


Short text of the Items list element


Quantity of items from the request format 1,000,000


Unit of measure of the item from the request


for each Items list item, the lowest price is displayed in green.


for each items list item, the highest price is displayed in red


Average price from all quotations

Ideal bidder

For each service line, the cheapest quoted price is displayed. Amounts in the lines "Title" and "Main order" are the sums from the most favourable service lines, respectively, and can therefore consist of the quotations of several bidders.


Display of the unit price from the request items list, which the AG has entered

→ Display in the format 1,000.00

Bidder columns



Quantity of bidders

= Quantity corresponds to the quantity from the quotation!

Unit price

Quoted unit price of the bidder

Discount %

Percentage Discount granted by the supplier for the service/title/item or the complete order.


If a percentage discount is entered, the absolute discount is deleted

Discount absolute

At header level, as an alternative to the percentual discount, an absolute discount can also be registered.


If an absolute discount is entered, the percentage discount is deleted.

Total price

Total price of the service. If a discount is indicated on the LZ, it will be included in the determination of the Total price:

Total price = quantity of Bidders (Unit price bidders – (Unit price bidders * discount / 100))

The cheapest bidder price is shown in green

The most expensive bidding price is shown in red


Comparison / Rank

Display of reference no. Comparison and the bidder rank in the format:

      12,5% / 2

Comparison = - (1- Total price Bidder / Total price Minimum) * 100

If there is e.g., 12.5%, the bidder in this position is 12.5% more expensive than the cheapest bidder. If the price is equal to the minimum (cheapest bidder), a zero appears.

If a supplier lacks a quotation price for a service, then the comparison and column for this line cannot be calculated and is empty.


The complete items list is displayed. Exception: Note texts are not displayed in the Price comparison


Note on the origin of data in the price comparison list:

The data displayed in the price comparison list in the working version comes from the request on the one hand and from the quotations of the suppliers selected for the price comparison list on the other.


Origin of the quotation

The items list is taken from the last running request version . If, for example, three request rounds have been carried out (V1, V2 and V3), the items list is taken from version V3.

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