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Structure of the master items list

You can find the master items list in the navigation under Administration → services → master service:

Representation of the master items lists

To structure your items lists, you can create any number of blue folders in the 1st level.  Each blue folder can contain any number of master items lists (red folder). A master items list can in turn be subdivided into individual titles (yellow folder). Up to four outline levels for titles are possible.


Elements in the master items list

If you have selected a folder on the left, the contents of the folder are displayed in the tabular list on the right, in the example above (see fig.) the service lines of the title "Preparation" are displayed.

Column of the table


Column property

service no.

Unique number for a service line within the FUTURA system



Short text of the service line



Long text of the service line


Line style

H = hint line

B = Requisition line

G = Basic line

A = Alternate line to the base line



Unit of the service line



Assigned SAP merchandise group


Rating Class

Assigned SAP Valuation Class



When using the "Create service master record in SAP" interface, the transfer status is displayed here.

Green = successful transfer to SAP

Yellow = Submission in progress

Red = Transmission ran on error

àFor more information, see Section


Status message

Error message in case of incorrect transfer to SAP


You can create a master items list manually or import it as a GAEB or Excel file.

For more information, see the following pages:


The following functions are available in the master items list via the button bar:



Refresh View

Create a new service line.

Delete the selected service line.

Button with command list:

  • Export DA83 (GAEB XML)

  • Import DA83 (GAEB XML)

  • Export to Excel (*.xls)

  • Import from Excel (*.xls)

With the help of the two buttons, a service line in the items list can be moved up or down.

Send service lines of the selected items list to SAP. The service lines are created there in the service masters library.

→ Also see: Creating master service lines in SAP

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