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Tab Items list

On the tab "Items list", create the items list for the request.

The following options are available to create the items list:

  1. Importing from Excel

  2. Import a GAEB file (in *x83 format)

  3. Manual creation of new services

  4. Assumption of services from a Contract

  5. Transfer of services from the master items list


Items list of the request


The following information is displayed in the table:



Reference no.

Reference number is automatically assigned according to the order of the lines in the same folder.

When a line is deleted or moved, the reference no. automatically regenerated for all lines.

service no.

Unique number of a service line in the system


Short text of the service

Line style

Normal, note (H), basic (G), alternative (A) and/or requisition line (B).


Amount of service


Unit of service

Unit price

calculated unit price of the service

Attention: the unit price is not displayed at the supplier!

Total price

Calculated total price of the service

Attention: the total price is not displayed at the supplier!


Assignment number for basic and dial line


For more information on creating and editing an items list, see Create items list

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