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Project / Project management

With a project, individual transaction can be collected in FUTURA Engineering. Certain data (organizational data) can thus be specified in this project, which are inherited from later assigned or linked transaction (requisition, request, Order). Orders that arise from the tasks are also listed in the project with a corresponding link.

When a project is created, a project number is automatically assigned, identical to other transaction. The number range provided for this purpose can be specified within your own organizational unit in the settings. Alternatively, the field can be filled in manually if automatic numbering is not used.

The prerequisite for creating, managing, and deleting a project depends on the permissions of the assigned role(s). These settings can be made by the user with administrative permissions. It can also be set up for your organizational unit that each transaction must be assigned to a project. FUTURA Engineering will inform you accordingly when creating the operations if the option is set.

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