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Tab Quotations


The tab "Quotations" is only visible with the opening of the quotation! For more information, see Open quotations and the price comparison list


The "Quotations" tab lists all quotations submitted by the invited suppliers by the deadline. If a supplier has submitted several quotations, the last submitted quotation is displayed. If you have carried out several rounds of inquiries, you may see several quotations for a supplier, namely the last quotation submitted per Request round.

Quotation list for a Request


The following information is displayed:



Radio button to select the suppliers to display in the Price Watch.


Display of the Request version in which the quotation was submitted


Company name of the supplier

Quoted sum

Display of the supplier's quotation sum


Sum negotiated

If changes to the quotation items list have been made in the price comparison list in the "Working version", the new quotation sum is displayed in the "Total negotiated" field


The following statuses are possible:

 = complete, valid quotation

 = incomplete, valid quotation

 = invalid quotation

 = ordered quotation

A quotation is incomplete if a unit price has not been entered for all services.

A quotation is invalid if the items list of the Request has been changed after submitting the quotation.


If a quotation has been ordered, the Order no. displayed.


Display of the paper clip symbol if the supplier has added attachments to his quotation. Number of attachments in brackets, e.g.

Quoted on

Date/time of the last quotation transfer

Binding period

Display of the binding period for a quotation. The binding period is determined by the supplier when the quotation is submitted.


When using the "Request/Quotation to SAP" interface, the following columns are also displayed:



SAP Quotation no.

no. of the Request/quotation in SAP

Sending Status

Traffic light symbols

If the Request or quotation has been successfully submitted, the green traffic light is displayed in the supplier line.

Status message

Display of the SAP error message in the event of incorrect transfer of the Request/quotation

Doc. Sending Status

Traffic light symbol

When all quotation documents has been successfully submitted, the green light is displayed in the supplier line.

Doc. Status message

Display of the SAP error message in case of incorrect transfer of a quotation document


Below you will find an overview of the functions on the Quotations tab:




Updates the contents of the list.

View quotation (magnifying glass)

Opens the quotation in a new window. Alternatively, double-click on the quotation line

Send quotes to SAP

Request/quotation can be transmitted to SAP

Also see: Transfer quotations to SAP

Open Price Comparison list

Opens the price comparison list with the ticked quotations.

Also see: Open quotations and the price comparison list

Order quotation

Converts the selected quotation into an Order

Also see: Order quotation


Export of a selected quotation to Excel or as GAEB X83


You can view the quotations of the suppliers in detail by opening the respective quotation with double click. You will find the quotation items list with the prices and, if applicable, also sent attachment documents in the tab "Attachments". On the header data, the supplier has the possibility to add remarks to the quotation. If included, you will find them on the header data:


In the overview of the quotations, you can use the button  to see whether there are attachments to the quotation. By clicking on the paper clip, you get to the overview of the stored attachments. These can be viewed directly or downloaded in full.


Available attachments to the quotation

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