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Transactions menu pane

From the "Transactions" menu, you can access and edit all available transactions. If you select the desired list on the left side, the transactions are displayed in the table accordingly on the right.


Below you will find a brief description of each operation. More detailed information, functions and more detailed descriptions of the use of the processes can be found on the following pages:

Project / Project Management


Requests and Quotations


Service Entries


With a Project, individual transactions can be collected in FUTURA. You can read more about this under Chapter 3 Project / Project Management.



With the help of a Requisition, you can record and calculate a structural measure. For the service description, you can transfer services from contracts, create services (free text or import entire items list from Excel).

After completion of the calculation and determination of the supplier, you can trigger an Order, which the supplier receives in FUTURA or first transfer the Requisition into a Request for obtaining quotation prices.



Here you will find advertised Requisitions of your organizational unit. The quotations evaluated at the end of a Request can be transferred an ERP system (SAP) and/or contracts can be created. In addition, you can use the evaluated quotations to trigger Orders directly. You can read more about this under the following page: Order Quotation



Orders can have different origins in FUTURA. Orders can arise from a Requisition or a Request, but they can also come from an external system, such as SAP or FUTURA AVA. Basically, this depends on which FUTURA transactions you use in the company.

The Order is the basis for the service entry by the supplier. FUTURA supports different Order types such as planned (with Items list), unplanned (without Items list and limit only) and mixed Orders (Items list and limit). As soon as an Order is created in FUTURA or transmitted by an external system, the supplier is informed by system e-mail. He then has the opportunity to report back his work with the help of the system through a Service entry.


Service entries

The supplier can carry out any number of service entries for an Order. In the case of planned Orders, it records the quantities based on the ordered services. In the case of unplanned Orders, he usually has the option of accessing a linked Contract (framework Contract) and taking over Contract services.



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